Pastoral Council

The council meets the second Tuesday of the month .

2015-16 Pastoral Plan

Meet your council members:

  • Mary Spiering, Interim Chairman
  • Matt Hunt, Co-Chair
  • Bob VanderZanden, Secretary
  • Barb Henningsen
  • Ann King 
  • Alecia Spiering
  • Mitch Nussbaumer

St. Edward Pastoral Council Charter

Purpose: The purpose of the pastoral council is to advise the pastor in establishing a pastoral plan.

Authority: The pastoral council investigates, reflects and recommends parish activities.

Representation: The council consists of the Pastor and nine members called from the parish community.

Nominations: Nominations will occur annually in October and begin serving in January. New members will be recognized at an installation Mass in February. Members will be approved by the council to fill vacancies for the remaining term if any member leaves the council. Members are entitled to withdraw voluntarily from the council by submitting a written resignation.

Term Limits: Members will serve no more than three years. However, through prayerful consideration of the council, may be asked to serve an extended term.

Governance: The Pastoral Council reports to the Pastor and to the St. Edward Community. The council will be led by a lay chair and co-chair. Minutes of the meetings will be the responsibility of the secretary. The chair, co-chair and secretary will be selected from within the Council. Decisions will be made by consensus with prayerful consideration.

Chair and Co-Chair: Set meeting agendas, notify members of meeting times and place, and facilitate the Pastoral Council Meetings.
Secretary: Keeps an accurate record of the Pastoral Council meetings and posts minutes for community review. Disseminate agenda/minutes to the council members prior to each meeting.

Meetings: Monthly with a minimum of 10 meetings per year and as needed. All members of the parish community are welcome to attend.

Communication: Minutes and meeting agendas will be sent via email or mailed to members. A summary of pastoral council activities will be posted in the parish bulletin.